Review: Portal 2

Valve’s Portal could have just been a puzzle game set in a Cube-esque nightmare, but instead it elevated itself above the genre with its subtle narrative that had you play Chell, a silent woman escaping a malicious AI.
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Game review: Final Fantasy XIII-2

FFXIII got a lot of negative feedback upon release. By the time I got round to playing it I was expecting the worse. Instead, what I experienced was a passable and somewhat entertaining story told with style. Its major criticism was its linearity. The ‘corridor shooter’ of RPGs! Well, I’d rather that than an open world game with no story. (hello Dark Souls, ‘sup?)
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Dark Souls: depthless obscurity, an exercise in futility & bad game design

Coming from a moderate fan of Demons Souls, I was hoping that its quasi-sequel Dark Souls would improve on some of the flaws of that game. Namely, its depthless obscurity. Its inability to teach the gamer how to do basic things or understand basic concepts. Theoretically you could have played that entire game without knowing how to use magic, because you had no idea where a certain NPC was and could have missed them.

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