Review: Pain & Gain

For a director whose movies rake in billions of dollars, Michael Bay is pretty decisive among film fans. His handling of the Transformers franchise has infuriated some, bored others, and entertained many judging by the box office. No matter what kind of story he’s tackled he hasn’t shown restraint and doesn’t seem to want to let up on that front, with Pain & Gain, which for me is Bay’s best film in a long while, maybe ever.
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Review: Only God Forgives

Ryan Gosling’s Julian is a drug-dealer in Bangkok until one day when his violent sexually aggressive brother murders a girl and is punished with death by a cop called Chang. Julian’s foul-mouthed mother, played by Kristin Scott Thomas, arrives to pick up the body and pressures Julian to seek revenge until no man or woman is left standing.

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Review: The Act of Killing

In film-making, it’s not enough to have a theme prevalent in the film. The director has to have a reason for exploring whatever it is they’re depicting on screen. The theme begs a question, and the writer/director must answer it. The director needs a voice, an opinion. If a film shows war and death, so what? We know this happens in the world. What does the director want to say about war and death? This is key, otherwise it’s just navel-gazing.
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