Review: Frances Ha

Noah Baumbach’s quirky black and white comedy drama charts the universal struggle that every young adult who’s graduated with a creative arts degree has suffered.
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Review: The Act of Killing

In film-making, it’s not enough to have a theme prevalent in the film. The director has to have a reason for exploring whatever it is they’re depicting on screen. The theme begs a question, and the writer/director must answer it. The director needs a voice, an opinion. If a film shows war and death, so what? We know this happens in the world. What does the director want to say about war and death? This is key, otherwise it’s just navel-gazing.
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Akira & Japan: Anime & Technology

In April 2005, while studying at university I submitted a dissertation revolving around the anime Akira and how it comments on Japan’s relationship to technology, and having modernity thrust upon it. If you’re a fan of anime, Akira and Japan, you may find it interesting. It’s incredibly long though, so I’ve separated the chapters into separate articles, all linked below. I figured that having it online for posterity would be nice, rather than have all those words forgotten in the sands of time.
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