Game blog: Playing after the dust has settled

This is increasingly becoming a tired topic, but worth bringing up to explain why this website’s game reviews are not for timely releases. I have a rule to not buy any game as soon as its released, and the reason for that is simple and painfully obvious when you look at the current gaming landscape.
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Game blog: How not to start a game (like FFXIII-2)

I started Final Fantasy XIII-2 today, and am off to a bad start unfortunately. It will be explored in full in my eventual review. (yeah, it came out a while ago, but I’m not a fan of playing games upon release. Hmm, I smell a new blog post on the way. Or was that the stench of the rotting carcass of 2013’s Sim City? Can’t tell.)

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Dark Souls: depthless obscurity, an exercise in futility & bad game design

Coming from a moderate fan of Demons Souls, I was hoping that its quasi-sequel Dark Souls would improve on some of the flaws of that game. Namely, its depthless obscurity. Its inability to teach the gamer how to do basic things or understand basic concepts. Theoretically you could have played that entire game without knowing how to use magic, because you had no idea where a certain NPC was and could have missed them.

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