Film blog: ditch ratings, and explain yourself!

I’m a 5 star rating guy at heart.  Anything more than five stars and I get dizzy.  Stars out of ten?  Out of a hundred?  Really?  You want to give a film something out of a 100?  Like, perhaps a score of 80?  Why not 81?  Or 79?  What factors made you decide one or the other?  It’s ridiculous.

Five gets the job done like this:

1 = crap
2 = mediocre
3 = good
4 = excellent
5 = masterpiece

You go higher than five stars and all you’re doing is extending the above system.  I think using 100 score rating system gives the illusion that your rating is somehow scientifically solid.

But I’m going to ditch score ratings all-together.  Here’s why going forward on my own site all my reviews will lack score ratings.  Two reasons:

a)  It forces the reader to read the review rather than jump ahead to see the score
b)  It provides protection against having your reviews compared with a fine-tooth comb, and being called a hypocrite among other things.  i.e – “Dude, you gave Fight Club 5 out of 5, but Zodiac 4?  Your taste is suspect!”

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